Heaths are shrubland habitats characterized by open, low-growing woody vegetation, found on mainly infertile acidic soils, or on respectively poor soils. They are similar to moorland, but they differ in terms of climate and vegetation. Heathland is generally warmer and drier than moorland. Heathlands can be found at the coastline (e.g. Mediterranean coasts) as well […]


“The person that takes care of the livestock and moves with them. In some countries, herders do also produce cheese, etc, in others not. Synonyms: herdsman, herdswoman, guide, stockman, pastoralists. There are many national terms and those, specifically according to the animal, e.g. shepherd”

Horizontal transhumance

Horizontal transhumance, occurring in plain or plateau regions where herders and their livestock migrate across long distances from the summer pastures far from their homes to the winter pastures close to their homes. The herd is accompanied by at least one herd person and several dogs. Today, often movable fences are erected for each grazing […]