Training Resources

Introduction to the training resources

The training material addresses a range of stakeholders. Thus, the different parts of the material may be of interest for different people.

  • If you don’t know anything or little about transhumance, a good start is the Summary Report – no matter if you are a future practitioner, working in rural planning or nature protection, politics or administration. In addition, Training module 1, which provides a deeper insight into the different forms of transhumance, and Training module 2 which covers transhumance landscapes, multifunctionality and challenges of practicing transhumance will be an interesting reading.
  • If you are dreaming about or even intending to start practicing transhumance, the case studies as well as Training module 2 will support your understanding of how different practitioners carry out their activities and what might be potential challenges. The information can help you find your way of practicing transhumance.
  • If you have a concrete plan of practicing transhumance or are already a practitioner, the case studies will be a source of inspiration. Getting an insight into different transhumance landscapes, multifunctionality and the challenges practitioners experience provided in Training module 2 could be of interest, as well. Moreover, Training module 3 that addresses business issues and Training module 4 that provides information about marketing, networking, cooperation, and communication should be of interest for you. If you want to learn more about transhumance in other countries, you might find the Summary Report and the National Reports (available in English) an interesting reading.

No matter from which discipline and with which motivation you are dealing with transhumance, the TRANSFARM glossary will provide help for understanding specific terms. You are looking for country-related information? Consult the National Reports or use the map of the Case Study database.

How to use the training resources?

The training material is developed for self-study. The use of its resources is intuitive. You can interrupt your study, move forward and backward at any time.

We recommend you studying the training modules intensively and with care. Take your time and maybe go through them several times – again and again if necessary. Maybe there is someone to discuss with? Depending on the module, you will most likely need about 30-60 minutes to be able to fully benefit from them.

The self-evaluation tool provides the opportunity to (1) assess your knowledge about transhumance and (2) reflect on topics addressed in the training modules. You can go through the full set of questions or select in accordance with your interests. You will be able to go back to the training modules if you would like to reread the modules.

Let’s go to the training modules!