Seasonal farmstead

Individual seasonal but permanent farm building, used in (high) altitude only in summer for living and production. There are many national-specific types. Synonyms: shieling, hafod.

Seasonal farm

Name for individual farms and pastures with related buildings which are used for a certain time of the year. The area is smaller than for common land or alp. Wooden houses for a living, storing hay, cheese production, and sometimes also tourism. The term includes wellspring-, summer- and autumn farms with many national terms, differentiating […]

Sheep dogs

Special breeds, which are specially trained to watch and protect the flock.

Semi-sedentary system

Systems based on a village permanently occupied by women and children from which herds and flocks, usually tended by men and boys, are absent for extended periods in search of forage. For the TRANSFARM project, this is not treated.