Transhumance practitioners

Generic term for all people related to transhumance in one way or another: farmers & animal owners, herders, dairymaid/dairyman.


Transhumance is a form of mobile, livestock farming with a regular, seasonal, cyclical long-distance movement of livestock (especially sheep, cows, and goats, but also horses, donkeys, and reindeer) accompanied by people between different geographical, sometimes also different climatic regions along steady routes, which lasts several months. Transhumance has regular permanent winter farms. Transhumance is related […]

Transhumance route

Route for droving livestock on foot (or on horses, sometimes with vehicles, esp. in Scandinavia) from one place to another, between summer and winter pasture. Many transhumance roads were ancient routes of unknown age; others are known to date back to medieval or more recent times. Synonyms: transhumance route, pathway, driftway Unlike drove/drove route/drove way […]